The largest of the Enchanted Isles, still only 53km x 27km, was populated by the Portuguese in 1420. The Island of Madeira has given the world one of its most unique wines.

In fact, Madeira wine is incredibly diverse. Traditionally, the 4 noble varieties were more common, and each lends it's name to the corresponding style. Sercial is the driest, followed by Verdelho and then Boal, with increasing residual sugar, and finally Malvasia (Malmsey) as the sweetest. Age, of course, creates variations to these themes.

More modern interpretations are exemplified by styles such as 'Rainwater', and by other varieties such as Tinta Negra, once seen as an inferior grape, used only in blending.

Barbeito represent a true balance of old and new, and are our sole producer of Madeira Wines. A traditional family operation, they use experience and skill to craft their very fine wines.