Ilha do pico

Cooperativa Vitivinicola da Ilha do Pico, Açores.

Winemaker Bernado Cabral

Region Açores

Country Portugal

Soil Type Volcanic

Main Varieties Arinto dos Açores, Verdelho, & Terrantez do Pico

It is said that Frei Pedro Gigante (one of the very first monks on the island) planted the first vine on the island in the late 15th century. Since then, some things have changed, and some haven’t…

Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Azorean Islands, the viticulture of Pico Island has been passed through the generations. Originating in 1949, Cooperativa Vitivinícola da Ilha do Pico (CVIP) brings together most of the island’s wine and grape producers to create wine with a terroir you’ll never find elsewhere - with a minimalist mindset, trying to keep the influence on processing as little as possible.

The wines of Pico are special due to many factors; The Azores have an extreme maritime, sub-tropical climate, often leading to either fruitfulness or catastrophe! Grown on Basaltic lava in man-made, walled ‘shelters’, called Currais, the native varieties are adapted to survive in this environment and resist the strong winds, storms, saline sea air, and extreme temperatures.

Viticulture here takes a lot of work, and the methods of planting and harvesting the grapes are the same as many centuries ago. Everything is done manually, without any mechanisation, preserving and expressing the essence of the terroir and, of course, humanity.