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Daniel Ramos

Daniel Ramos, El Tiemblo, Spain

Winemaker Daniel Ramos

Region Gredos

Country Spain

Soil Type Granite and schist

Main Varieties Garnacha, Albillo Real

High up in the Gredos Mountains, Daniel is utilising Garnacha and Albillo Real and combining them with the old ways of viticulture. This Aussie born winemaker, known to his mates as Kapi (El Capitan), exudes quiet and deep enthusiasm for his homeland, and its diversity of terroirs.

A mainly granitic area, though with several hills of schist running through it, this area encompasses the towns of El Tiemblo, Cebreros, and El Barraco, where vineyards can be situated as high as 1400 meters! Many at this altitude have long since been abandoned, as the terrain is too harsh for most vehicles and the steep slopes are extremely hard to farm. Daniel is so passionate about this area, that he has saved, and brought back to life, some of the best remaining old vineyards nestled in the harshlands of the Gredos mountain range. He is willing to put up with the difficulties of viticulture, along with the wild animals, as he knows he can create truly special wines from such wonderful terroir.

Making the wines with minimal intervention, he manages to give his Garnachas multiple threads of flavour and a scary depth. His ancient vines Albillo Real is unique for its richness and power. He achieves remarkable ripeness and acidity from both these varieties, and does not need to make adjustments in his winemaking (nothing added and nothing taken away!). This shows how well suited they are to their natural home.