Rita Ferreira Marques, Vale de Teja, Portugal

Winemaker Rita Ferreira Marques

Region Douro

Country Portugal

Soil Type Schist, granite

Main Varieties Bastardo, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Siria, others

The Conceito winery is at the Quinta de Veiga (22 hectares) in Vale da Teja, and two further properties totalling 79 hectares of Douro highland vineyards. All red varieties are grown on schist (around 400m), whilst most white is on granite (around 650m). The oldest vines here are about 80 years old, and include 2 hectares of pre-phylloxera vines at around 600m, and 5 hectares of Bastardo at Quinta da Veiga.

The nature of these upland vineyards provide wonderful freshness in the Conceito wines. Rita Marques, when not here at the family property, also makes wine in New Zealand and South Africa. The viticultural regime here is organic, since 2006, but not registered.