Niepoort Vinhos

Niepoort Family, Qd Napoles/Qd Lomba/Qd Baixo, Portugal

Winemaker Dirk Niepoort

Region Douro, Dão, Bairrada

Country Portugal

Soil Type Schist, granite, clay, limestone

Main Varieties Mixed old vineyards, and Baga

To say that Dirk Niepoort has revolutionised wine production in the Douro Valley would only risk understatement. Since his first experimental wine in 1990, and then first commercial production of Redoma Tinto a year later, Dirk has explored terroirs and experimented relentlessly. And with all winemaking (excepting Charme, and of course Port, both at Vale de Mendiz) conducted at the almost futuristic Quinta do Napoles, a plethora of different offerings are meticulously overseen by a dynamic and energetic team. 

Fruit comes from the properties ancient vines to form the backbone of Batuta and Redoma Tinto, while the newer plantings, organically farmed, make the brilliant Bioma Tinto. Also listed here are wines from Niepoort's acquired vineyards in Bairrada (Quinta de Baixo) and Dão (Quinta da Lomba).


Quinta De Napoles, Douro


Quinta De Baixo, Bairrada


Quinta Da Lomba, Dão